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Wooden Bowls

A perfectly lathed wooden bowl resting against a tree
Donald F. May

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This bowl has been created for your use and pleasure.

This hobby represents part of my heritage. My grandfather was a sawyer and his father was a timber cruiser in Northern Ontario at the turn of the century. My grandmother’s family piloted boats which brought the logs to the sawmill.

The pleasure of finding the wood, and the relaxation of working on my lathe, is enhanced by the satisfaction that friends may enjoy my craft.

Handcrafted from specially selected wood, may this gift become an integral part of your home as it was once part of a living tree.

Care Of Your Bowl

After each use, wipe clean with soft cloth dampened with warm water. When used with salad dressing, wipe off as soon as possible after use.

Every 3-6 months, clean as above and coat liberally with salt. Let sit 10 minutes. Scrub with soft cloth dampened with warm water. Let dry. Re-oil with a light cooking oil, or Clapham’s salad bowl bee’s wax finish.

With your TLC, your bowl will last a very long time.

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